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Translation of various official jrock/visual kei blogs
いらしゃいませ みなさん!!

Welcome everybody!! In this community we had the purpose to translate some official Jrock/Visual kei blogs.

However, after thinking about it a lot, I came to the decision to put this community on permanent hiatus.

Anyhow, we used to translate the blogs of Riku(ex Pahantasmagoria, Chariots, Lin), Kisaki(ex Phantasmagoria, Lin), Jun(ex Phantasmagoria, Spiv States), Nekozirushi(Plastic Tree mascotte), Arimura Ryutaro(Plastic Tree), Kenken(Plastic Tree)so if you're interested in reading their past entries you can find them clicking on the proper tag in the main page, enjoy ^-^/

RULES:Every opinion is welcome as long as it is expressed POLITELY

DISCLAIMER: we are currently studying Japanese so translations may not be perfect and our main purpose is to convey the general meaning of their blog entries.

We hope you will enjoy our work and feel free to comment.



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